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Appoint accurately.

We aim to provide the missing puzzle piece of providing high quality healthcare services which patients still strive - ACCURATE APPOINTMENTS WITH NO WAITING TIME.


Amazing Features


Patients waiting in healthcare hallways because of not getting real-time notifications are a thing of the past.


Our AI based platform will constantly learn from previous cases and suggest better time slots for doctors.


Our AI based symptom checker will optimize appointments and suggest online or in-person consults.


Patients will never have to go to healthcare providers to know they're on a waiting list. In such cases, they will get real-time notifications beforehand.

Better Rating

Bad ratings affected by waiting time will have no place using Timedic.

Better quality

Accurate appointments will take place, consequently the quality of service will be in a constant improvement.

A healthcare appointment platform that saves patient and doctor time, consequently improving patient experience and doctor efficiency.

Our approach

We all have faced the problem of long waiting times for doctors’ appointments. Because of stress and long waiting times, it happens a lot that you go to the doctor and you forget to mention some of the symptoms and how they affect you. The information you share with your doctor impacts the care you get. This is why we are building a smart healthcare appointment platform based on AI and optimization theory to solve these problems. Using our platform patients from the comfort of their home can describe their symptoms and schedule an appointment with a doctor, so doctors are better prepared and appointments are more time-efficient. Our platform will suggest to patients if they need in-person consultation with a doctor, or if the consultation can be conducted online, which is time and cost saving for both patients and doctors.

Software as a solution

Why Timedic

Artificial Intelligence

  • Our platform is based on AI. The way patients get appointments to doctors will be changed forever. No more waiting time in healthcare hallways. Our AI will constantly learn and suggest to doctors accurate time booking.


  • Doctor dashboards will help manage easily their patients' appointments, while patients will also have their dashboard to check their progress and history. Dashboard will also be accessible by our amazing apps specifically designed for patients and doctors, while assuring each of them will get notified real-time on any changes beforehand.

Symptom checker

  • Our AI based symptom checker will help patients whether they need in-person consultation with a doctor, or if the consultation can be conducted online. It will also suggest the right healthcare providers depending on the given symptoms.

Apps for Android and IOS coming soon

We know smartphone users always choose App before Browser. That's why we are building Apps which are going to be available soon in:



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